Apply for your complimentary cost estimating proficiency review


We will work with you to assess the tools and processes in use in your organisation. Better cost estimating allows smarter return on investment decisions. While it can be a bit daunting to know the likely full project costs, it is better to go in with the appropriate funding to achieve successful results.

Qualifying for the free capability proficiency workshop is a 5-step process

For these types of reviews, we find a workshop with the costing experts and CIO provides a clear picture. The workshop runs for between 90 minutes and 2 hours. We understand that this is a fair amount of commitment from both parties and so want to ensure that we are not wasting your time.

In order to assess the value the workshop will bring, we need to learn a bit more about your environment.

Step 1:

Tell us about yourself and your organisation

Step 2:

Have a 10 – 15 minute assessment telephone call with one of our consultants to validate your fit for a proficiency assessment.

Step 3:

If you qualify for the assessment, there’s a short questionnaire (20 questions) to complete in preparation for the workshop.

Step 4:

We will run the workshop – probably using ZOOM or MS Teams.

Step 5:

After the workshop we will prepare a presentation on findings and recommendations.  We will email you a copy of the presentation and set up a meeting to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have.